"Simtech Services was started in May 1996 by two Mechanical Engineers with an aim of providing “ Simple Technical Solutions” to various challenges faced by the process industry. Simtech started with servicing of industrial boilers, hot water systems and thermic fluid heaters and selling the spares required. Simtech lived up to the expectations of customers by providing prompt service and this was reciprocated by satisfied customers by renewing the Annual Maintenance Contracts year after year.

Now Simtech is a  “ sales driven" company with prompt service backup to support the sales activities. Simtech has wide experience in sales of water treatment plants like softeners, DM plants & RO plants, water treatment chemicals , heat transfer products like plate heat exchangers, steam accessories like pressure reducing valves, pressure reducing stations, Self Operated Temperature Controllers, flash recovery systems, condensate recovery systems, hot water systems,etc.

Simtech is involved in selling of dry vacuum pumps, small vacuum pumps for laboratory, R&D facility applications, chillers for water chilling, hydraulic oil chilling & coolant chilling applications.

The philosophy has been “It is easier and more practical to save 1 % of energy at 10 places in a factory than saving 10 % of energy at a single place.”

The company has expertise in detailing and addressing the minute savings the customer can have by taking small steps. The result has been repeated customers since more than a decade and adding of new customers mostly by references.

In this age of severe competition, customers look at better bottom lines by reducing the energy usage.  Saving of steam and heat results in lesser usage of water, fuel and electricity. Simtech has successfully implements various heat recovery and condensate recovery systems using PHEs of Tranter and SOTCs of Samson.

One another major activity undertaken by simtech has been better recoveries in condensing duties in various Bulk drug companies. The bulk drug industry have many reactors where in the solvent gets vaporised and the same needs to be condensed. Simtech has introduced efficient Tranter welded PHE “Supermax” and “Maxchanger” in condensing duties resulting in better recoveries thus saving money for the customer and also making the system environment friendly by reducing the solvent escape to atmosphere."
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