Simtech believes in giving optimal solutions to customers for their energy saving requirements.
Few of the solutions that are either custom made or standardised are listed below :

Standardised solutions :

1. Hot water systems : The customer requires a particular flow of hot water with precise control of outlet temperature.  
“The heating will be done using steam”. The application may be HVAC, Vacuum Tray dryers, Reactor jackets, etc. Simtech has developed , manufactured and successfully installed such systems in many customer factories. Plate heat exchangers, Pressure reducing valves, control valves and condensate recover systems form a part of the system.

2. Pressure Reducing Stations :
Simtech has addressed the requirements of low pressure steam of the customer by offering a standardised equipment – Pressure reducing system (PRS). An externally piloted pressure reducing valve of cast steel Material of Construction (MOC) is used. The performance of Simtech PRS is unaffected by wetness in steam and they are energy saving systems. Cast steel safety valve is used in the system.

In addition to the standardised PRS , simtech make custom made PRSs as per the requirements of the customers. In one case two PRVs were used along with a bypass and in one other case three safety valves were given on insistence of the customer.

3. Clean-in-Place systems : The pressing challenge in condenser cleaning in production blocks of bulk drug industry is proper pressurised cleaning. Simtech has manufactured a simple CIP system consisting of a tank, pump, heater and a skid on which the products are mounted. The result is pressurised cleaning of the scaled condensers with option of electrical heating to raise the temperature of the cleaning solution. The same can be used for other cleaning applications also.


4. Recovery systems : Simtech has been giving many energy savings solutions to customers like the boiler blow down flash recovery systems, condensate recovery schemes , optimal usage of traps, etc.


5. Steam generator using hot thermic fluid : A customer has thermic fluid heaters at his facility but a requirement of some steam cropped due to addition of a new process. He had no option but to go in for a new steam boiler. Simtech helped out the customer by giving him a system wherein he could generate steam of required quantity using the hot thermic fluid he had. The system consisted of a welded plate heat exchanger, control valve, flash chamber and other items.

6. Single fluid heating and cooling systems: In the bulk drug industry the reactor jacket is heated using steam, cooled using cooling tower water and chilled using chilled water or brine. In many cases the utilities are operated in such a way that they get contaminated and thus the steam condensate cannot be pumped back to the boiler feed. Also there will be scaling and fouling on the jacket internals. Simtech has given solution to this to a customer by manufacturing a single fluid heating and cooling system where in a single thermal fluid is circulated to the reactor jacket and the thermal fluid is heated, cooled or chilled by the utilities in plate heat exchangers. The system has fine controls to maintain the required flow and temperature of the thermal fluid. This results in savings for the customer as he can use the steam condensate back into boiler feed and the reactor jacket is saved from scaling and thermal shocks. In one other customer place, a battery of reactors were converted to single fluid system and the same is running to the fullest satisfaction of the customer.



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