“ The customer has alternatives ...”
We value our customers very much and get involved in providing him technical solutions rather than giving him products. We always want to be a part of the solution rather than adding up to his problems.
Our approach has always been customer centric and we value his time, money and resources.

We at Simtech work in close tandon with our principle companies to give correct solutions to the customer needs.

Development of welded plate heat exchangers of Tranter for condensing duties applications in bulk drugs market is one good example for this.
The bulk drug market throws many challenges to the designers of heat exchangers for condensing duties as the customer keeps chaning the solvents to be vaporised to match his end product requirement. Therefore there will be a need for a universally workable heat exchanger to be used as condenser . Tranter with inputs from Simtech developed and standardised few models of its openable range of Supermax plate heat exchangers to be used as condensers. Due to better heat transfer coefficients, Supermax scores over the conventional shell & tube in solvent recovery percentages. The one main challenge of hard cooling water is being worked out and some changes in the unit is being worked out based on inputs from Simtech.
Tranter have developed very well performing Maxchangers to be used as sub coolers, vent condensers for clean utility duties. Again the inputs of Simtech were very useful to Tranter in sizing and standardising the product.

One another instance of Simtech working with the principle company to give good workable solutions to the customer has been the application of Dry vacuum pumps for corrosive duties. The dry vacuum pumps of Edwards are very good for corrosive application in addition to non corrosive duties. The challenge of PTFE coating in scroll pumps offered by competition, peeling off and reduction in vacuum levels has been addressed well by Edwards. The Dry vacuum pumps of Edwards maintain the solvent vapors in dry conditions thus avoiding corrosion due to condensation.

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